ED-A 31
MIG (GMAW) wires for high strength structural steel

Classification DIN EN ISO

14341-A G 50 7 M21 4Mo, 14341-B S4M31

Material No.


Classification AWS

A5.28 ER80S-D2, A5.28 ER90S-D2



Characteristics and application

MIG/GMAW wire for welding of high strength steels, used predominantly after stress relieving. Predominantly used for welding high strength steels, providing a good combination of strength and toughness. May find use for joining creep resistance steels up to about 500°C but the ED-SG Mo wire would be the more usual choice.

Base materials

For a wide range of engineering steels with a yield strength up to 540MPa (78ksi) and tensile stregth up to 620MPa (90ksi).
S355NL-S460NL, S55ML-S460ML, S460QL-S550QL, P235GH-P355GH, 16Mo3
ASTM: A487 grades 2A/B/C
AISI: 4130

Typical analysis in %

C: 0,09
Si: 0,70
Mn: 1,95
Mo: 0,50

Yield strength in Mpa

≥ 560

Tensile strength in Mpa

≥ 620

Elongation in %

4d/5d: ≥18

Charpy-V-Value (ISO-V) in J

RT ≥ 160
-70°C ≥ 47

Typical heat treatment

Welding procedure, including preheat temperature, interpass temperature and PWHT, will be dependent on the base material being welded and any applicable design codes.

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