UP-S1 Mo 1,2
SAW (submerged arc welding) wires for pipeline steel

Classification DIN EN ISO

14171-A SZ 1Mo1,2

Material No.


Classification AWS

A5.23 EG



Characteristics and application

Submerged arc welding of pipeline steel. Optimised for multi arc welding using DSAW (two-run) technique. For applications in sour gas service.

Base materials

Low alloy wire for multi-arc welding using a two run technique.
EN 10208-2: L360-L450
API: 5L grades X52-X65

Typical analysis in %

C: 0,08
Si: 0,22
Mn: 0,50
Mo: 1,20

Typical heat treatment

Preheat and interpass temperature requirements will be dependent on specific process, procedure and code requirements. The requirement for PWHT will be dependent on the specific procedure and property requirements.