UP-S3 ½MoTiB
SAW (submerged arc welding) wires for pipeline steel

Classification DIN EN ISO

14171-A SZMoTiB

Material No.


Classification AWS

A5.23 EG



Characteristics and application

Submerged arc welding of pipeline steel. Optimised for multi arc welding using DSAW (two-run) technique. For applications with high toughness requirements.

Base materials

Low alloy wire with Ti and B additions optimised for multi-arc welding using a two run technique.
EN 10208-2: L360-L485
API: 5L grades X52-X70

Typical analysis in %

C: 0,11
Si: 0,08
Mn: 1,25
Mo: 0,35
Ti: 0,05
B: 0,005

Typical heat treatment

Preheat and interpass temperature requirements will be dependent on specific process, procedure and code requirements. Ti-B micro-alloyed weld deposits are left in the as-welded condition.

Other products

SAW: UP-S2 MoTiB and UP-S3 MoTiB